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Gymnastics for pregnant women  Gymnastics for pregnant women


Customarily it is common belief that pregnancy is associated with a high weight, and unfavorable appearance of stretch marks after termination. But it doesn’t have to look like this. Everything depends on personal attributes and the lifestyle preferr READ MORE

Seafood - the characteristics and nutritional value  Seafood - the characteristics and nutritional value


Seafood or Italian "frutti di mare" is a term describing marine animals such as crustaceans and molluscs, including bivalves, cephalopods and echinoderms. Traditionally, they are widely consumed in Mediterranean countries and Antipodes, where for cen READ MORE

Eggshells - natural supplement  Eggshells - natural supplement


They are one of the best sources of calcium, which is absorbed by organism in approximately 90% and it is easier for your body to digest and absorb. Apart from calcium in a shell all essential for organism microelements: magnesium, boron, copper, iro READ MORE

Aspartame  Aspartame


Aspartame, main ingredient of commonly applied sweeteners, is one of the most dangerous chemical compounds added to nourishment. Aspartame was discovered by accident in 1965 during research into medicine for ulcers. Firstly, from 1981 it was being ad READ MORE

Anti-cancer substances and foods  Anti-cancer substances and foods


Cancer in industrialized countries are one of the main reasons of death. Cancer is a disease, which all of us are afraid of. It’s threatening because it develops deceitfully, often for many years and can stay undiagnosed until it’s incurable. Scienti READ MORE

Probiotics and prebiotics  Probiotics and prebiotics


The human body is an ecosystem inhabited by millions of microorganisms to ensure its proper functioning and to prevent the formation of pathogenic processes. The large intestine, whose role in the body can not be overestimated, inhabits more than 200 READ MORE

Slow food - a healthy alternative to fast food and lifestyle  Slow food - a healthy alternative to fast food and lifestyle


We live and eat in a hurry, in unconsidered way. Universally valid dictate - re-heated in the microwave dishes are becoming commonplace. We do not have time to enjoy your meal, do not care about the quality of food. And yet, on how we eat our health READ MORE

History of alcohol, alcohol metabolism, facts and myths about alcohol  History of alcohol, alcohol metabolism, facts and myths about alcohol


The word alcohol is derived probably from one of the two Arabic words: al-kuhl (antimony, fine, fine powder) or al-Ghoul (evil spirit). Based on anthropological research can be concluded that alcohol is accompanied by a man almost since the dawn of i READ MORE

Acid and alkaline balance  Acid and alkaline balance


Acid and alkaline balance - is a state where the relation between specific cations and anions in constitutional fluids is maintained, it determines the appropriate pH and proper function of life processes. Disorders of acid-alkaline balance are calle READ MORE

Free radicals and antioxidants  Free radicals and antioxidants


As free radicals we describe unpaired electrons of oxygen, which are formed in the body by metabolism. Their presence is related to defense mechanisms, but they definitely harm in excess. Free radicals are endowed with a negative charge and strive fo READ MORE

Blender in modern kitchen  Blender in modern kitchen


Cooking is an art. Everyone wants to impress during a family a very tasty and imaginative meal. However, how in modern times give our guests the exquisite dishes, while not working to hard and too much? There is a way. Fortunately, the market now mee READ MORE

Bloating - causes and how to prevent them  Bloating - causes and how to prevent them


Abdominal bloating, which are frequent complaints of abdominal cavity occur when accumulating in the intestinal fluids and gases do not want to continue to move through the digestive system. They cause an uncomfortable feeling of fullness, abdominal READ MORE

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