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Myths and facts about weight loss

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Myths and facts about weight loss

   Heath is strictly connected to the proper weight. Slim figure provides us not only attractive view and good being, but also helps us to protect and reduce the risk of number of diseases. The aspiration to loosing unnecessary kilograms is understandable. Although we make some mistakes on that course we often don?t realize, which disturb the task and harm causing yo-yo effect. One of the causes are passed and reproduced myths regarding weight loss. Let?s find most popular myths and facts about weight loss.

Abandoning breakfast I will loose my weight faster

   It is probably the most popular mistake. People eating regular and wholesome breakfasts has got less tendency to gain weight. Lack of proper energy portion after wake-up makes a greater tendency to overtake during the day. The reason the myth was raised is probably that it is easiest to give up breakfast. Lot of people after they wake up doesn?t feel the hunger, because the metabolism is still released after the night.

Celery contain negative calories because its digestion takes more energy than it provides

   Celery and other low calorie products, seen as containing ?negative calories? should be treated as important, frequent diet content, not because it helps to loose weight, but it has few calories, lot of vitamins and satisfy the hunger rapidly, at the same time fulfilling the stomach for a long.

Eating grapefruit before each meal increases metabolism

   Grapefruit is not able to make miracles on metabolism, although it can help to loose the weight. The reason itself doesn?t have any relation to the metabolism speed, but fulfilling the stomach and thanks to this we are consuming fewer calories during the meal.

Intensive activity is a weight loss

   When you exercise quickly and energetically you?re improving your condition, but not loosing your fat. During intense training you primarily burn carbohydrates. So therefore, after the training you may feel starvation, that you want to satisfy. If you really want to loose weight exercise, but for a longer time period. You will start burning your fat approximately after 30 minutes of effort, in which you have accelerated and steady breathing, warming up the body, but do not feel exhausted.

You are loosing the weight after fruit consumption

   If you decide to maintain the diet containing only fruits it might be helpful for your health, but not the figure. These are a source of carbohydrates, so to process them you need insulin ? hormone produced by pancreas. If you consume to much of sweet fruits, e.g. grapes, bananas, the level of insulin dramatically increases and decreases after a while (just like in case of sweets). Then ravenous hunger appears and you are taking something to eat again. If you want to loose weight eat the fruits as a snack between the meals. Choose apples and seasonal berries, because it has got fewer carbohydrates and low glycemic load.

Light products don?t fatten

   Singular light products that you put in your diet won?t cause the weight loose. Light yoghurt may contain less sugar (only sweetener), although it can be full fat. So it?s still going to be caloric for the person on diet. The same situation with sweets. Some of light sweets has got more calories than its sugar-sweetened counterparts, because it contains more fat improving the taste. Beside that lot of people think, that if something is light it means that you can eat more of it. You should be aware of those products, described as a light, slim, fitness or diet, this is a smart way of avoiding the law.

Water helps to loose weight

   Water doesn?t contain any calories and suppresses hunger. It helps to get rid of toxins, so that it should be drunk daily in amount of 1,5 l. By using weigh-loss diet, you should care about excreting more. Every 1-2 hours at least a glass of water should be drunk.

Juices are allies of diet

   Glass of 250 ml of orange juice is approx. 300 kcal. How much of this kind of glasses can you drink during the day? Definitely a lot of. Calories from beverages are problematic for dietetics. In juices 90% of energy comes out of monosaccharides, which are the basic source of energy and excess is deposited.

Drinking the green tea helps to burn calories

   That is a fact, although it?s not so fast as you wish. In 1999 in United States very interesting studies has been made. Volunteers received equivalent of 6-8 cups of green tea every day. Effect : these people were burning approx. 4% more of calories. Other studies (swiss scientists) proved that antioxidants and catechins from green tea are slowing down the increase of glucose level in blood and improves metabolism. Americans recommend supplementation with the green tea extract piles. They might be right ? drinking of 8 cups of the tea would condemn you on constant visits in the toilet.

Coffee caffeine burns calories

   Small amount of caffeine is really able to increase the metabolism a bit. Coffee is safe for the figure, it doesn?t contain calories (provided that it is no sweetened and cream added). However be aware : bigger amount of coffee leach minerals from organism (e.g. calcium, magnesium). Coffee cause diuretic effect and increases water excretion from the body. Although specialist claim that drinking coffee won?t cause big water excretion, but faster. If you are a healthy person (don?t have hypertension or ulcers), you may feel free drinking the coffee. Off course you shouldn?t overdo, 2 to 3 cups a day should be enough.

Chocolate is forbidden

   Obviously, if you?re going to eat a bar of chocolate a day it?s not going to be beneficial for your figure nor health. From time to time you may feel free to eat a piece of black chocolate, the best would be the one containing a lot of real cocoa (90-96%). It has got a low fat content and glycemic load, which means that it won?t stimulate the pancreas for extensive insulin production (won?t cause the hunger attack). Even being on a diet, you may permit yourself this kind of dessert. By denying all the sweets you?re going to miss it, which will lead you to abandon the diet earlier.

Dinner at the latest at 6 p.m.

   More important from the time that you eat your dinner is the time that you are going to sleep after the last meal. The break should take 2,5 to 3 hours ? so the organism could digest the food, before all of the processes including metabolism are going to be reduced by sleep. Also too long brakes between the meals leads organism to switch into economical mode of provided energy management and stores it. It looks like that when you?re eating the dinner at 6 p.m. and breakfast at 8 a.m. (the break between the meals takes up to 14 hours). Therefore if you are going to sleep before the midnight, you may eat light dinner (best would be containing proteins, e.g. fishes or vegetables) even at 9 p.m.

Fresh vegetables and fruits contains more of nutrients than the frozen

   Proper freezing of fresh vegetables and fruits results almost all of the nutrients and vitamins stays in ? which you can?t say about the vegetables and fruits lying for a long time on booth or shop stand. If the frozen foods are prepared, stored and defrosted properly we can be sure that its nutritional value remains.

White bread is more caloric than wholemeal

   The differences between calories of white and wholemeal  bread level are small. Although the black bread is healthier, as it contains more dietary fiber and minerals.

On good diet you are loosing your weight fast

   Rapid miracle diets are not effective. The faster you loose your kilograms, the more probable yo-yo effect afterward is. It is very hard to keep them, because these are monotonous and tasteless. These diets are usually poor in proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and may be harmful for health. That is why the best effects are made by loosing weight methods, which changes your taste likes and way of consumption permanently, and the weight lose isn?t faster then one kilogram per week. Their advantage is also that it helps to eat various meals.

Pineapple burns fat

   Pineapple doesn?t burn the fat, it contains the enzyme ? bromelain, which increases digestion of some of fats in intestines. So therefore it doesn?t have any slimming effect. Only unprocessed fruit contain the enzyme.

Every fat is fateful for organism

   Not every fat is fateful. Besides the fat that we want to get rid of, there is also a good fat. It is contained in sea fishes and nuts. Small portions of these products provides fulness for longer time than other.

Starvation is the fastest way of loosing weight

   During several days starvation, besides the fat tissue we are also loosing the muscles. The basal metabolic rate is reduced by even 25% and our metabolism is disordered. Lack of physician control during the starvation may cause dangerous consequences for health. Recently popular one day starvations doesn?t have any influence on loosing weight and causes only our organism weaker and disoriented.

I don?t eat potatoes, because it?s fattening

   Potatoes are contained mainly of starch. 100 g of potatoes is approximately 60 kcal. Although these tasteful vegetables connected with souse, cream or butter become a caloric bomb.

My parents are obese, so I am also going to be

   Although our genes practically decides about our predisposition on collecting the kilograms it doesn?t have influence on what?s going to be place on our plate. Obese parents is not a sentence. Proper nutrition and physical activity successfully protects us from exceed weight gain. Conviction, that we are intended to be obese, may act as self-fulfilling prophecy.

   Before you decide to start the diet you mast remember that it?s not only a short time nutrition way change. To loose your weight and being satisfied with your figure for ever, you must to change your attitude to food, get rid of all of bad nutrition habits and settle new, healthy habits. Remember ? loosing the weight starts in your mind, take care of you knowledge and awareness about the metabolism was proper.

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