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Stages of weight losing

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Stages of weight losing

   It's very often after several days of weight loss we are delighted with its effects, not being conscious that we get rid of water instead of fat tissue. Fat burning we can consider only after 11 days of a diet. Let's look at how shows the burning of water, protein and fat on the traditional low calorie diet:

Stage 1:
During first 3 days of a diet we lose 70% of water, 5% of proteins and 25% of fat.

Stage 2:
Until the 13th day of the diet we lose 19% of water, 12% of proteins and 69% of fat.

Stage 3:
Between the 21st and the 24th day of the diet we lose 15% of proteins and 85% of fat.

Stage 4:
From the 24th day of the diet we lose 25% of proteins and 75% of fat.

So the key to losing weight is consistency and determination !

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