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Blood type B diet

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Blood type B diet

Definition and origin:

   The origin of the blood group B: assimilationist, adapting to new climatic conditions and the mixing of the population; representing the natural desire for a better balance between mental tension and  demands of the immune system. Group B is a refined product of the evolutionary journey, designed to connect disparate cultures and people. Generally, a strong and vigilant person with blood group B usually can withstand the most serious diseases of typical modern life, such as heart disease and cancer. And even if they fall in these diseases, there is a greater likelihood that they will prevail. People with blood group B as they are somewhat distinct, they seem more prone to exotic immune system disorders, such as multiple sclerosis, lupus and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Description of diet:

   People with blood group B, carefully adhering to the recommended diet can often bypass severe disease and live long and in good health. Diet for blood group B is a balanced and varied, covering a wide range of food. It represents everything that is "the best of animal and plant kingdoms." Most conducive to weight gain corn, buckwheat, lentils, peanuts and sesame linseed. Each of these types of foods have different lectin, but they all affect the efficiency of metabolic processes, resulting in fatigue, fluid retention and hypoglycemia - a dangerous drop in blood sugar after eating a meal. The problem of "grazing" - eating many small meals throughout the day is that it disrupts the natural hunger signals sent through the body, you feel hungry all the time - and therefore it?s not very helpful situation, if you are trying to lose weight. Gluten lectin is attached to the problems caused by other types of foods releasing metabolism. When food is not efficiently digested and burned as fuel for the body, it?s stored as fat. Wheat gluten itself does not attack group B as harmful as the group 0. However when you add wheat to the mix of corn, lentils and peanuts, the final result is just as devastating. Group B, who want to lose weight should definitely avoid wheat.

   If a person with blood type B, stop eating food containing toxic lectins, will be successfull in controling the weight. You have no psychological barriers to weight loss such as thyroid problems, which may cause a disturbance in the people with blood group 0. Also, do not suffer from digestive disorders. All you need to lose weight - it's sticking to the diet. Some people are surprised that, although the dietary recommendations for people with blood type B encourages the consumption of dairy products, they don?t have any problems with weight control. Of course, if you eat high-calorie food in abundance, you'll definitely took on the weight! But moderate consumption of dairy products actually helps people with group B blood in achieving metabolic balance. The real culprits are the specific types of foods that inhibit the efficient use of energy and favor the accumulation of calories as fat.

Products that you should eat and those you should avoid:

Meat and poultry
Recommended : mutton, venison, lamb and rabbit.
Not recommended : Bacon, geese, ducks, chickens, partridges, quails, hearts, ham, pork.

Recommended : blueback, cod, flounder, grouper, haddock, salmon, caviar, mackerel, monkfish, young pike, bream, hake, trout, sardines, pike, haddock, sole.
Not recommended : barracudas, beluga, lobster, oysters, octopus, cancer, crab, shrimp, smoked salmon, mussels, sea bass, anchovy, mussels, snails, eels, turtles, frogs.

Eggs and dairy
Recommended : lean or 2% milk, yoghurt, frozen yoghurt, yoghurt with fruit, kefir, milk, sheep, farmer cheese, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, sheep cheese, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese.
Not recommended : ice Cream, American cheese, blue cheese, string cheese.

Oils and fats
Recommended : olive oil.
Not recommended : cottonseed oil, corn oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, canola oil.

Nuts and seeds
Recommended : most nuts and seeds are not recommended for group B.
Not recommended : oils of sesame, sunflower butter, peanut butter, nut filbert, cashew nuts, seeds, nuts, pistachio nuts, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, linseed sesame.

Beans and other legumes
Recommended : red soy bean, limey beans, navy beans, kidney beans.
Not recommended : aduke, azuki, black, "black eye", garbanzo, pinto beans, american lentils, red, green bean.

Recommended : spelled, oat bran, rice bran, oatmeal, millet, puffed rice.
Not recommended : amaranth, buckwheat, barley, kamutu, kasha, cream of wheat, wheat seeds, wheat bran, corn flakes, seven grain, rye.

Bread and toast
Recommended : brown rice bread, Essene bread, Ezekiel bread, millet, rice cakes, crisp bread.
Not recommended : corn buns, bread from wheat bran, multigrain bread, 100% rye bread, rye crisps, durum wheat, bagel, wholeweat bread

Grains and pasta
Recommended : oat flour, rice flour.
Not recommended : wild rice, buckwheat, kasha, pasta with artichoke, soba noodles, couscous flour, poppy seeds gluten, barley flour, wheat flour, bulgur wheat flour, rye flour, wheat durum flour.

Recommended : Eggplant, Chard, broccoli, beets, limey beans, mustard, shiitake mushrooms, headless cabbage, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, red cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, parsnips, parsley, red pepper, jalapeno peppers, green peppers, yellow peppers, sweet potatoes.
Not recommended : avocado, pumpkin, american artichoke, jerusalem artichoke, mung sprouts, radish sprouts, white corn, yellow corn, black olives, greek olives, spanish olives, green olives, tomatoes, radishes, tempeh, tofu.

Recommended : pineapple, banana, black grapes, blackberries, papaya, dark plums, plum red, green plums, grapes.
Not recommended : Grenade, pear, coconut, rhubarb.

Juices and beverages
Recommended : pineapple juice, cabbage juice, papaya juice, grape juice, cranberry juice.
Not recommended : tomato juice.

Recommended : Curry, horseradish, ginger, cayenne pepper, parsley.
Not recommended : Cinnamon, ground black pepper, almond essence, white pepper, corn starch, barley malt, corn syrup, tapioca, gelatin.

Herbal Teas
Recommended : Ginger, raspberry leaves, peppermint, rosehip, parsley, sage, ginger.
Not recommended : aloe, hops, red clover, mullein, gentian, limes, coltsfoot, rhubarb, senna, signs of corn.

Recommended : Green tea.
Not recommended : Coca-Cola, distilled liquors, soft drinks, selzer water, soda water.

Other spices
Recommended : Spices are generally either neutral, or harmful to all groups.
Not recommended : Ketchup.

Products recommended in weight loss diet:

? Green vegetables - helps in the efficient metabolism,
? Meat - helps in the efficient metabolism,
? Eggs and low fat dairy products - help in the efficient metabolism,
? Liver - helps in the efficient metabolism,
? Tea with licorice - counteracts hypoglycemia.

Products not recommended in weight loss diet:

? Maize - disrupts insulin efficiency, reduces the rate of metabolism, the cause of hypoglycemia,
? Legumes - interfere with proper absorption of food, slow metabolic rate, the cause of hypoglycemia,
? Peanuts - interfere with the efficiency of metabolism, interfere with liver function, the cause of hypoglycemia,
? Sesame seed - slow down the metabolism, the cause of hypoglycemia,
? Buckwheat - interferes with digestion, slows the rate of metabolism cause hypoglycemia,
? Wheat - interferes with the digestion and metabolism, making food is stored in the body as fat, instead of being burnt in power, interferes with the effectiveness of insulin.

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