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Gluten-free diet (in celiac disease)

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Gluten-free diet (in celiac disease)

Gluten-free diet guidelines:

   Gluten protein that causes celiac disease is a gliadin - (a component of gluten) contained in oats, barley, rye and wheat. Patients must exclude from your diet foods containing gluten and replace them with rice, corn or soybeans.

Products allowed in gluten-free diet:

- Powder and liquid milk
- Cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream
- Cheese
- All meat and meat products
- Offal - liver, lungs, kidneys
- Eggs
- All fruits
- All vegetables
- Rice, corn, soy, tapioca, buckwheat
- All fats
- Sugar and honey
- Spices, salt and pepper
- Coffee
- Tea
- Cocoa
- Bread, cakes and desserts should be prepared with the products not containing gluten

Products prohibited in the gluten-free diet:

- Groats: semolina, barley, oat
- Flour of oats, barley, rye and wheat
- Preparations containing the above mentioned types of cereal
- Finished products containing these ingredients
- Sweets containing additives of flour and above mentioned cereal
- All preparations containing additives with gluten

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