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Hollywood diet

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Hollywood diet

Weight loss program with Hollywood diet:

   Hollywood diet belongs to low-calorie diets - 1200-1500 kcal. Daily amount of calories does not have to be drastically decreased just from the beginning of treatment but it can be done gradually e.g. 200 kcal a week. It allows to get accustomed to smaller food portions without hunger. Besides menu of diet should contain the following ingredients: natural yogurt, onion, bran, yeast, germs. During the first week of the diet only fruit are eaten (e.g. 3 grapefruit, 750 g of strawberries, 250 g of prunes or plums). In the second and third week vegetables, lean meat and cereal products are introduced. Eggs and milk are forbidden. Dishes are not salted. Between eating different kinds of fruit one must keep an hour interval, and between fruit and meat 2-hour break. As in case of every slimming diet we drink noncarbonated mineral water or soft unsweetened tea. Hollywood diet is poor in nutrients so it ought to be carefully applied.

Example of Hollywood diet:

4 teaspoons of wheat grains mixed with a teaspoon of honey, lemon juice, a teaspoon of natural yogurt and 3 chopped hazelnuts.

Midmorning snack (elevenses):
2 slices of whole-wheat bakery product without butter, half a glass of fresh germs and to choose: 100g of skim cottage cheese, 50g of lean smoked fish or a hard-boiled egg.

150g of boiled or grilled chicken, a slice of whole-wheat bread, half a lettuce loaf.

Natural yogurt or kefir.

2 glasses of raw or boiled vegetables with vinaigrette sauce, sprinkled with 2 spoons of bran.

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