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Moon diet

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Moon diet

Moon diet guidelines:

   People have long believe that the moon phase changes have a major impact on our health, so physically and mentally. So perhaps it is worth of taking into consideration when dieting. 28-day cycle of the moon is one of the natural biological rhythms. This uses alternative medicine, according to which, most healthy is living in harmony with those rhythms. Moonstruck on our body has not been scientifically proven, but we often feel it in everyday life, for example if we can not fall asleep during the full. Moon diet is to facilitate the assimilation of the body according to the natural rhythm. This diet is suitable especially for those who can not lose weight despite the usual low-calorie diets. It also allows to eat all the foods, but in its application must not exceed the specified daily limit of calories (1000 for the first 2 weeks and 1200 for next 2). You should not use salt at all, sweets are also forbidden.

Moon diet consists of three phases:

Phase I - preparation:

   You should start it 4 days before the full moon. Each day starts with a fruit. You can eat any number, you mustn?t eat anything else at lest until noon. Then eat normal meals. Here is the fruit menu:

1st day - fresh pineapple
2nd day - watermelon
3rd day - strawberries and prunes
4th day - grapes

   If any of these fruits are not available, you can reduce I phase of the day on which they are proposed.

Phase II - weight loss:

   It has to start the day with full moon. It takes 2 weeks. Because at that time the body is influenced by the decreasing of the Moon, the easier it gets rid of extra pounds. During those two weeks three meals a day should be eaten, beware not to exceed 1000 calories, avoid sweets, fatty meats and cheeses. Between meals you can eat eventually 200 g of vegetables and fruits. 2 liters of still mineral water a day should be drinked.

Phase III - regeneration:

   It takes another 2 weeks, from new moon to full. Now comes the moon growths, so the appetite increases. Therefore, you can eat slightly more calories per day, up to 1200.

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