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Cellulite - lipodystrophy

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Cellulite - lipodystrophy

   The term cellulite is commonly called "orange peel syndrome" is well known to every woman. This problem affects over 80% of women. It is a systemic disease of the skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders related to the microcirculation.

   The name "cellulite" is derived from French and means lipodystrophy. Not to be confused with the term "cellulitis" meaning inflammation of the tissues under the skin. It is a skin disease that requires medical treatment, the skin is reddened and warm to the touch. While, women with cellulite have colder and pale skin.

   Location of "orange peel" is in most similar: thighs, abdomen, buttocks, arms. Primarily affects women, because they have more developed tissue fat. Additional factors favoring the formation of cellulite are: hormonal disorders (puberty, pregnancy, menopause), sedentary lifestyle, stress, genetic predisposition, high caloric diet, wearing tight clothes, stimulants such as cigarettes or alcohol, and hormonal contraception.

   Estrogen acting on blood vessels causes an increase in their permeability and water retention in the body. This impairs the metabolism of fat cells (adipocytes), which are ischemic. This leads to enlargement of the circuit, vasodilation, and also to the formation of microemboli. On the skin it is felt as lumps, nodules with distinct cavities.

There are four stages of cellulite development

? Edema phase - light phase of furrowing noticeable after capturing the fold of skin. No clinical changes.
? Fibrous phase - drop of the skin elasticity, visible cavities after capturing the skin fold.
These phases are characterized by excessive permeability of the capillaries.
? Induration-nodular phase ? formed clumps and small nodules at the tensioning of the skin, caused by the formation of micro aneurisms which causes extravasation after the bursting.
? Induration-nodular phase with irreversible fibrosis - skin completely devoid of firmness, nodule size from 2 to 20 mm, visible to the naked eye, skin wrinkled.

In addition to the stages in the development of cellulite we also distinguish the different types of it:

? Hard cellulite - common in young women under 25, it is not visible because it is difficult to distinguish from extensive muscle, because the skin at this point is hard and firm and often dry.
? Flabby cellulite - occurs after 35 years of age, the skin is flaccid and less tense, and the nodules are becoming more visible.
? Edema cellulite - especially noticeable around the buttocks and thighs, changes very visible. This is the most severe form, but fortunately rare.

   A number of treatments are able to reduce the visibility of the "orange peel". In the cabinet we can use various types of massages. Very effective is manual lymphatic drainage, which stimulates the lymphatic system through special movements "pushing" the lymph. There are also massage a much more dynamic, the technique of their performance depends on the cabinet.

   Massage can also be done using special equipment such as: endermology, which operates on the principle of negative pressure using two rollers. Electrostimulation also help us get rid of cellulite and sculpt the body. It involves the stimulation of muscle using the electricity, which increases blood flow. There is also a massage with ultrasound, high frequency waves reach and operate in deep tissues.

   An effective treatment is also called "body wrapping" which is a special foil wrapping technique. After peeling beautician puts an appropriate mask (chocolate, cinnamon, cranberry) on the body and wrap the foil, the greater the pressure the less cellulite. The treatment moisturizes and shapes the body.

   Of course, in any cosmetic surgery is a wide choice of "anti cellulite" treatments , but home care is also very important.

   Creams or gels themselves will not help us get rid of cellulite, but will improve hydration and thanks to this the appearance of the skin. We should choose formulations with caffeine, L-carnitine, with extracts of citrus, ivy, mantle, horsetail. Remember to scrub the whole body it will improve blood circulation and make that the active ingredients of the cream will work better.

   Be aware also of a reasonable diet without fat and high-calorie foods, and limiting salt, which retains water in the body. Very important is also physical activity, the best exercises for cellulite are swimming and aqua aerobics.

   In getting rid of cellulite beauty treatments are not enough. This is a problem, which may return at any time, so it's important to take care of your body throughout the year and not just during the summer. Proper diet, exercise, cabinet treatments and daily skin moisturizing at home will not only help us get rid of cellulite, but also make our body firm and more flexible. A beautiful and well-groomed body is a better frame of mind, strength and above all health.

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