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Juicer, fresh juices - portion of energy

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Juicer, fresh juices - portion of energy

   Probably most of us knows this situation. The alarm is ringing, the court is still gray, half asleep we go into the kitchen and adjusted the water for coffee or turn on the machine. Morning coffee, mostly in the fasting state is a daily ritual for most of us. Powerful, fast, "little black" instead of the first breakfast is a boost of energy for our body. We start fast day, filled to the brim with important matters, on the run by eating, drinking in the course of the next coffee. A quick life obligues. But after a while this way of life we find ourselves worrying with pale skin, circles under the eyes and the eternal lack of energy...

   But it does not have to be so. Imagine that you start the day with a calm refreshing, delicious, freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice. After several days of juice drinking in the morning your complexion is illuminated, you have a look of power, and your body has more energy. You are simply healthier.

   National and international organizations for many years been revived campaigns to encourage the eating of various forms of more vegetables and fruits. Nutritionists recommend eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. In practice, unfortunately, few of us seriously apply these recommendations. The human body needs a variety of nutrients to work properly everyday. Otherwise, we risk disease and poor mood. Good health is essential to have energy and a will to live. Nowadays, thanks to modern and efficient juicers, drinking juice daily is simple. Just toss the fruits often only washed and unpeeled to the device and in a few seconds you may enjoy the taste of healthy and fresh juice cocktails. Health benefits of cocktails of raw fruits and vegetables, are still underestimated. Passing the buck to the lack of time, reluctance to get up early, or simply declare a huge commitment to the almost ritual coffee with a cigarette, not knowing how much you really lost. Yet the preparation of good coffee is often more laborious than squeezing a glass of juice. Just when preparing juices stick to some rules and we will make sure that what we drink is healthy and good for our body. First of all - fruit and vegetables destined for juice should be free of pesticides. Often we have more and more access to organic or good crops, so the choice of products should not be a problem. Secondly - squeezed juices are fairly high in calories and concentrated, so it should be diluted with water. This rule necessarily applies to vegetable juices - except for the carrot juice. Third - do not exaggerate with the amount. If you have been eating little fruit and vegetables, then if you suddenly start to drink plenty of juices, it may have a negative effect on your digestion, because of the resulting fiber. So it would be best to start the day with a delicious serving of healthy juice, which will provide us with a healthy start to the day, and the remaining portion of the required vitamins tuck in the form of salads, fresh fruit or steamed vegetables.

   Many readers may think that the same effect can be achieved by drinking 100% commercial juice. Why then, "bother" with the extrusion when store shelves bend under the colored juices and drinks cartons. Now a popular fruit and vegetable juices available in the stores have undergone a process of pasteurization. The high temperature at which this process takes place destroys much desired by us of nutrients and vitamins. For this, many of the artificially sweetened juices or concentrates produced from concentrated and it really has nothing to do with fresh fruit. The healthiest of all the juices are known one day juices, because all the healthy ingredients in them are retained for 4 (in the case of fruit juice) or 10 hours (in the case of vegetable juice). If you buy them already, but it turns out that for a small bottle will cost the equivalent of a liter of juice produced at home. In addition, selection of one day juices is often very limited, a composition of squeezed juices flavors at home are only limited by your imagination.

   Morning juice drink can also be an excellent alternative for those who don?t like breakfasts. You only need to add to flavored drink oatmeal, wheat germ, chunks of fresh vegetables or fruit, and in a few moments we have a delicious cocktail of energy that quickly awaken us and give us the necessary energy for the hardships of everyday life.

   So regardless of how much we know about the beneficial effects of drinking juice on the body, we won?t see this, before we do not try. Your own experience is the best advisor and any recommendations are not an authority in comparison to your own experiences and feelings. So let's squeeze juice, and in a short time we'll see their positive influence on our lives.

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