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Microwave oven

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Microwave oven

   We live in a culture that promotes hurry. We work on time, eat on time, and consequently we live in time. Time is precious - we have it yet so little to touch everything, feel it, see. No wonder that in the kitchen there are useful devices that are designed to save you this time. One of the practical and comfortable machines is microwave. This clever device is helping busy people with cooking, heating, grilling and baking all sorts of dishes. So you can safely draw the thesis that it is indispensable modern kitchen equipment. It can not only cook or heat food. This machine is doing well even during a time-consuming thawing. In a few minutes to defrost foods, for example if we have forgotten the evening remove the meat from the freezer, a hungry family waiting ... So how do microwave oven works? What secret is hidden under an elegant cabinet? These questions will answer the queen of sciences - physics.

   Microwave - already in its very name has the answer. The electromagnetic waves called - microwaves similar to light waves, infrared and television are the heart of this helpful device. These known types of waves vary the length and frequency. The wavelength of light is equal to a billionth of a meter. IR separated by the glowing coal for example have a length of one millimeter, and the wavelength of television reaches up to several meters. Microwaves measure about 2.5 cm.

   Another feature is the frequency of electromagnetic vibrations. Frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz), one hertz is one cycle per second. For example - electrical system has a frequency of 50Hz. Electromagnetic waves are characterized, however, much more frequent. For microwaves a selected frequency is 2450 megahertz. Why is this? Scientists have discovered that the selected frequency has characteristics of heating food. What then is the principle? - can ask someone more interested in the topic. In short - microwaves in a microwave are born in the so-called magnetron with a special waveguide. It is a metal tube attached to the inside of the oven. If you ever watched a microwave from the inside - for example during cleaning or in times of urgency with the discovery entertain - surely you noticed that the inner walls of microwaves, also are made of metal. When you turn on microwave raging waves bounce off the wall heading straight for the food, which it absorbs - and thus heats up. The speed and ease of use are the basic advantages of this instrument. In a few moments we have a steaming bowl of our favorite dishes. Simple, fast and simple - seemed to be the perfect device for busy, rushing everywhere people. But, not all gold that shines as an old folk saying. Often we do not realize that the microwave also has a huge disadvantage. We know that food in a microwave oven is heated by electromagnetic waves. But how it affects the food? Well, natural products consist of proteins - the basic building blocks of all living organisms. The intensity and frequency of the waves makes organic structures of product partially destroyed, and thus nutritional value of food is reduced. The effects are obvious. We eat defective food, which often accumulates in the body in the form of fat, because he is not able to convert her. Thus we eating extra portions, as less nutrients are digested. And the vicious circle closes. What are the consequences? - Examples may be different, let's look at nationalities, where the microwave is used every day. Epidemic of very obese people is not a coincidence. Bars with "fast food" are using the devices for their daily work - which only confirms the low value of such food. The fact that gaining weight is therefore not only due to an ill food. As you can see food preparation is also important. However, don?t panic, nothing will happen, if from time to time we use the microwave to speed up the work. Time saved from standing with pots can be spent for example on a bike ride or playing with children. Devices of this type used in moderation will not harm us with confidence, and may relieve us in the daily bustle.

   Microwave in spite of the disadvantages is a very useful device. Used in moderation and common sense can be a very useful ally in the fight for precious time, which is a scarce commodity in today's world.

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