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Italian cuisine

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Italian cuisine

   There is no such thing as a single Italian cuisine. This Mediterranean shoe is more than 1,500 km long. Differences in climate between the northern part, and the South are very large. There is also the rich history of this country. Italy united in 1861 - before each region was a separate unit with its own pulsing administration, authority and of course cuisine. This great variety of culinary wealth is now highly sought after and cherished anointing. Just to mention that the same species of pasta in Italy more than 400, and this inexhaustible variety of cheeses, meats, fragrant fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood, mushrooms and fragrant woods game. Added to this, of course, delicious wines.

   You can not put in a single text the whole rainbow of flavors and fragrances, available when traveling in the Apennine Peninsula. The first stage of culinary tours leads from Trento through Lombardy, Piedmont, Venice until the Emilia-Romagna. In Autumn in Piedmont's there comes a hunting time, in the woods people collect world famous, exclusive, scented with garlic Alba truffles. On the hills of Piedmont in the sun ripens aromatic grapes, from which intense, one of the best red wines Barolo and Barbaresco, its softer version are produced. A delicious dish of the region is the radiating golden colored with saffron risotto alla milanesce, usually served with a veal shank, osso bucco. Then there are dozens of types of salami, and cheese - Gorgonzola aroma of blue mold, soft Taleggio with orange-brown crust and grainy, nutty flavor of Grana Padano and Parmesan - produced in the Emilia-Romagna famous Parmigiano Reggiano. The Italians also use whey, which arises during the production of Parmesan cheese. They feed pigs with it, from which they made up luxurious, aromatic, Prosciutto di Parma ham. In the region of Emilia-Romagna you can enjoy the best in Italy ravioli and tortellini. These small, served in broth, vegetable or meat and tomato sauces dumplings are a real treat.

   Another region on the culinary map of Italy is elegant, balanced cuisine of Tuscany. Tuscans indulge in fine meats, fresh-smelling herbs and vegetables in olive oil. Foods are the essence of the natural flavor, not dipped in sauces. These are simple, classic version of the Italian dishes. The famous Bistecca alla fiorentina is a classic steak roasted over an open fire by the way known since Etruscan times. Delicious bruchetta, Tuscan salad of arugula and mixed with white wine, vegetable soup and regional dishes based on porcino ? that is boletus, are almost showcase of the region.

   Another point is the South of Italy. The further south the kitchen is more colorful, exotic and sweet. Sicily, Sardinia, Campania or Calabria became a kind of "mother" of modern-known and highly regarded "Mediterranean". This simple country backward and poor south diet, seen from above by wealthier neighbors of Tuscany, Lombardy and Lazio almost by the day began to be perceived as very healthy and conducive to longevity. Necessity is the mother of invention, including those recipes. It is in this region that pizza was invented - a thin pancake with various ingredients, or expensive, served by restaurants pasta con frutti di mare. The simple salad in the colors of the Italian flag - caprese also became a hit. The best version of this simple dish is in the Campania, because it is here that the best mozzarella di Bufala Campana is produced, with buffaloes, much fatter than cow's milk. Southern cuisine is closely linked with the history of this part of the country. Sicily for over 2000 years was under various influences. The Greeks left the vineyards and olive groves. Byzantine ships brought sharp and aromatic cheeses. The Spaniards learned the locals about potatoes, turkey and tomatoes, and the Arabs left behind a legacy of exotic fruits, vegetables and couscous. Saracens  betrayed Sicilians the secrets of producing desserts and cakes. Residents of southern Italy indulge in a very sweet, honey cakes, fruit in sugar and sweetmeats. Gorge themselves with "kings cake" or pasta reale - aromatic marzipan. It is here in Sicily in the Martorana monasteries, where from the twelfth century the most beautiful and appetizing marzipan decorations and exquisite delicacy are produced. The real haven for the palate are the local ice cream. It is also true that the first ice cream parlor outside the Italy was founded in Paris in 1668 and its founder was a native Sicilian. In Sicily you can enjoy such delicacies as prickly cactus fruit, fico d'india or highly original and delicious sea urchins.

   About the cuisine of Italy you can write and write. Many publications about the culinary arts of this diverse country has been already written. However, much better than to write or say is just enjoy this phenomenal, simple, elegant and exquisite cuisine. Even if it is simple, seemed to be a trivial piece of bread with additives - bruschetta.

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