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Latin name: Ocimum basilicum

English common names: Basil, Sweet basil

Spanish names: Albahaca

French names: Basilic

German names: Basilikum

General information and interesting facts

   Sweet basil, popularly known as basil, comes from India. Worldwide, there are over 150 cultivated varieties of this aromatic plant. Is valued for its unique, refreshing aroma, distinct taste and aromatic oils. Basil is cultivated worldwide as an annual plant. In the world there are many species of herbs with various taste qualities. Basil prefers light, well-loosened, fertile and slightly acidic soil. It likes a sunny position and moist. But does not like to be transferred. Interestingly, basil is also a honey plant. The name of this fragrant plant is derived from Greek basileus or king, as it was believed that only the king can touch this plant during picking. Name - the king, may also derive from its versatile properties, and "royal" flavor. The ancient name of this plant basilescus referred to the mythical creature - the basilisk. So it was a talisman worn on clothing against this murderous beast. Libyans and believed that the active substances contained in this fragrant herbs protect against scorpions and snakes.

Parts used

In the treatment and in the kitchen leaves, flowering tops of herbs and aromatic oils are used.


Basil oil, strong, spicy - a refreshing smell and a slightly yellowish color.

? Basil oil (0.5 - 1.5%),
? Tannins,
? Saponins,
? Flavonoids,
? Mineral salts
? Vitamins.
? Bitter substances,
? Fat oil

Medicinal action

? The antimicrobial
? Soothing
? Improving digestion
? Improving lactation
? Calm

   Sweet basil is beneficial for the digestive and nervous system. With basil tea we can alleviate bloating, stomach cramps of various origin, intestinal colic and indigestion. This plant can be used when we get tired vomiting and nausea, so it is an effective treatment as a first aid for pregnant during the first trimester of pregnancy. This herb in folk medicine has been used also as an effective anthelmintic. The active compounds in basil also have sedative properties, and therefore is recommended during stressful situations, fatigue, depression, anxiety or insomnia. This herb is also used to treat epilepsy, migraine, and whooping cough.

   Traditionally, basil has been used to increase milk in nursing women. On the other hand, applied externally, acts as a deterrent to insects. So let's plant a few basil in the garden in places where we used to rest. The juice of basil leaves also brings relief when we are bitten by insects.

   An infusion of basil is a good specificity when we have burning and watery eyes. Is recommended to people who work with computers a lot as a wash for tired and dry eyes. We should remember that the best properties has a brew prepared from fresh leaves and unground seeds.

   The juice from fresh leaves of basil is used in inflammatory conditions as ear drops, with the addition of olive oil, butter and beeswax is creating so called "Royal ointment" used on chapped and cracking nipples during breast-feeding of baby, chapped lips and festers.

Medicinal, culinary and other uses

? Infusion of seeds - prepare a liter of water and add about 20 fresh seeds. Cover the pot and slowly simmer for 45 minutes. Remove from heat and add 1 and 1/2 handfuls of fresh or semi dried basil leaves and brew for about 25 minutes. Drink tea 2 times a day, or you can gargle if necessary.
? Basil is associated with Mediterranean cuisine. Italian pesto, tomatoes with mozzarella and fresh basil leaves are known to connoisseurs all over the world. This fragrant spice is widely used in the kitchen. Is added to soups, pizza, meat and fish dishes. Even salads often can not do without this aromatic herb. Also fine vinegars and olive oil are produced with the addition of aromatic herbs.
? Dried, powdered leaves have a pleasant sour taste and together with other additives or spices used as seasoning for many dishes. Mixed together with rosemary is a replacement for pepper and often is also a component of herbal pepper, Provencal herbs and spices for gingerbread. With dried basil fat meat, baking, sauces, fish and legumes like beans, peas or beans are seasoned with.
? In cosmetics, basil is used in the manufacture of soaps, perfumes, is also used for the refreshing baths.
? Component of liqueurs


? None

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