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Star anise

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Star anise

Latin name: Illicium verum

English common name: Star anise, Star aniseed, Chinese star anise

Spanish name: Anís estrellado, Anís estrellado chino, Badiana, Badiana de china

French name: Anis étoilé, Badiane chinoise

German name: Echter sternanis

General information and interesting facts

   Star anise is an evergreen tree with yellow flowers, originating from China. Its flowers maturing create dry fruits, resembling in appearance a small, brittle star. Spice are both fruits (star) and seeds in them, but they are less flavorful than other parts of the fruit. Anise was known in medieval Europe. Especially in France, it was used for medicinal properties. Its aromatic properties were recognized in the seventeenth century. Since that time, it is used to flavor drinks, syrups, and all sorts of drinks.

Parts used

Fruit is herbal raw material.


? Amara
? Volatile oil, about 5% - anethole
? Terpenes

Medicinal action

? Reinforcing
? Lactating
? Improves digestion

   Star anise acts strengthening and spasmolytic on the gastrointestinal tract. Used regularly, release symptoms of rheumatism and cough. It stimulates the appetite and regulates digestion. In nursing mothers stimulates the secretion of milk. Alcoholic solution is used to rub the hands and face to drive away insects such as mosquitoes. Also kills lice, fleas and ticks.

Medicinal, culinary and other uses

? Anise can be used whole, crushed or ground.
? Seasoning enhances the flavor of sweet - sour foods, meat (pork, poultry) and vegetables. Blends well with cakes, dairy desserts and mulled wine.
? Tastes great with honey and all kinds of fruit salads. It can season plum jam.
? It is frequently used in Asian cuisine. Is a component of Chinese "five flavors" spices.
? Used in teas to stimulate lactation.
? Used as an expectorant drugs and funds for a sore throat.
? It is also very impressive - so often, these small stars are used for various kitchen decorations.
? Oil is also used in perfumery.


? None

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