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Ideal body weight calculator

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   Ideal body weight calculator is a simple way to determine optimal weight for adults, age 18 or older, taking into consideration current weight, height and gender. After selecting the data calculator will calculate the ideal body weight according to formulas developed by various authors: Broca, Lorentz, Hamwi, Devine, Robinson, Miller and Lemmens. The most popular formulas are Broca and Lorentz. Many formulas and theories have been invented and put to the test, but the answer is still debatable. Calculator provides the results of all the formulas below for your best benefit. Our calculator also shows the current BMI and indicates the range of normal (healthy) weight.

This calculator provides calculation in metric units ([kg], [cm]) and imperial units ([lb], [ft], [in]).

Select units:
Enter your weight: kg
Enter your height: feet cm
Select your gender:
Ideal body weight based on formula of:
Broca kg
Lorentz kg
Hamwi kg
Devine kg
Robinson kg
Miller kg
Lemmens kg
Your weight should be in range: kg
Your BMI is:

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