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Acid and alkaline balance Acid and alkaline balance


Acid and alkaline balance - is a state where the relation between specific cations and anions in constitutional fluids is maintained, it determines the appropriate pH and... READ MORE

Free radicals and antioxidants Free radicals and antioxidants


As free radicals we describe unpaired electrons of oxygen, which are formed in the body by metabolism. Their presence is related to defense mechanisms, but they definitely... READ MORE

Blender in modern kitchen Blender in modern kitchen


Cooking is an art. Everyone wants to impress during a family a very tasty and imaginative meal. However, how in modern times give our guests the exquisite dishes, while not... READ MORE

Bloating - causes and how to prevent them Bloating - causes and how to prevent them


Abdominal bloating, which are frequent complaints of abdominal cavity occur when accumulating in the intestinal fluids and gases do not want to continue to move through the... READ MORE

Strawberries - calories, nutritional values and interesting facts Strawberries - calories, nutritional values and interesting facts


The history of strawberries is short. Strawberry fruit is the result of an accidental crossing of the Chilean wild strawberries with originating from the eastern United... READ MORE

Stages of weight losing Stages of weight losing


It's very often after several days of weight loss we are delighted with its effects, not being conscious that we get rid of water instead of fat tissue. Fat burning we can... READ MORE

Solarium (tanning beds) and its effects on health Solarium (tanning beds) and its effects on health


Who doesn't like beautiful tanned skin, which makes us think of summer and the holidays? Today, to have a tan we do not have to wait until the summer. Just go to the... READ MORE

Dehydration - types, causes, symptoms and treatment Dehydration - types, causes, symptoms and treatment


Dehydration is a condition of the body, where the water content is below the value needed for its operation. Dehydration can be dangerous to human life. The greatest risk... READ MORE

How to store food How to store food


Food products stored in different conditions by some time are a subject of many changes: microbiological, biochemical, chemical, physical. Several changes in time can lead... READ MORE

Proper weight to height Proper weight to height


The table gives proper weight for people at the age of about 30, dressed and wearing shoes. For older or younger people approximate correction should be implemented.... READ MORE

Microwave oven Microwave oven


We live in a culture that promotes hurry. We work on time, eat on time, and consequently we live in time. Time is precious - we have it yet so little to touch everything,... READ MORE

Myths and facts about weight loss Myths and facts about weight loss


Heath is strictly connected to the proper weight. Slim figure provides us not only attractive view and good being, but also helps us to protect and reduce the risk of... READ MORE

Aerobic and anaerobic exercises Aerobic and anaerobic exercises


Aerobic and anaerobic exercises received its name from the way in which the organism acquires energy during exercise. Both types of exercise (training) are helpful in... READ MORE

High fructose corn syrup - a controversial food additive High fructose corn syrup - a controversial food additive


Recently, high fructose corn syrup raises a lot of controversy, and unfortunately is perceived by a wide audience of scientists as the perpetrator of many "woes". First of... READ MORE

Insulin and leptin - hormones governing body's energy resources Insulin and leptin - hormones governing body's energy resources


How important it is to eat foods can be proved by the fact that the intestines as the only organ beside the brain are equipped with neuronal cells that independently manage... READ MORE

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