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What is overweight and obesity, causes and consequences 
What is overweight and obesity, causes and consequences

Overweight determine excess of body fat, running out of adopted norms and leading in effect to body weight increase, while obesity is pathological accumulation of body fat in the organism, exceeding its physiological needs and adaptability, which may

Genetic obesity in children 
Genetic obesity in children

They?re just 11 and weight 100 kilograms. It?s about kids, who took a part in studies of british scientists from University of Cambridge and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. The task of their studies was the knowledge about genetic obese reasons. The

Yo-yo effect - what it is and how to prevent it ? 
Yo-yo effect - what it is and how to prevent it ?

As yo-yo effect we call the body weight fluctuations, consisting of the following succession of put on and loosing weight. During comply with the low-energy diet the speed of Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is decreased. This is the adaptable reaction on

High fructose corn syrup - a controversial food additive 
High fructose corn syrup - a controversial food additive

Recently, high fructose corn syrup raises a lot of controversy, and unfortunately is perceived by a wide audience of scientists as the perpetrator of many "woes". First of all, it is the main responsible for the epidemic of obesity and diabetes in th