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Calories in alcohols Calories in alcohols


Not only protein, fat and carbohydrates are a source of calories, but also drinks containing alcohol. Milliliter of pure ethyl alcohol is 7 calories, while gram of protein... READ MORE

Cold pressed flaxseed (lineseed) oil - the characteristics and health benefits Cold pressed flaxseed (lineseed) oil - the characteristics and health benefits


Flax is one of the oldest cultivated plants. It comes from the Middle East and the Mediterranean, where it was grown from a few thousand years. The first documented reports... READ MORE

Interactions between food and medications Interactions between food and medications


Consumed food during the treatment can significantly affect the absorption of medications from the gastrointestinal tract. This depends mainly on the amount of contained... READ MORE

Circadian rhythm of the body Circadian rhythm of the body


The human body is in homeostasis, which means the stability of physical-chemical conditions, pH, temperature and osmotic pressure. Homeostasis defines the range of values,... READ MORE

Tomatoes - calories, nutritional values and interesting facts Tomatoes - calories, nutritional values and interesting facts


Tomatoes originated from South America. Wild forms of this plant can be found today in Peru, the Canary Islands and in the Philippines. Soon after the discovery of America... READ MORE

Types of tea Types of tea


The homeland of tea is China, where it has been grown for over five thousand years. Next Japanese, Koreans and people from south-east Asia began growing it. Just a thousand... READ MORE

Nutritional value of beef and culinary purpose of beef parts Nutritional value of beef and culinary purpose of beef parts


Beef is one of the most valuable meat in terms of nutritional value, which is determined by the basic chemical composition and content of exogenous components. Beef is an... READ MORE

Antinutrients in food Antinutrients in food


These are all substances found in foods that limit or preclude the use of nutrients or substances which have an adverse effect on the human body. These include compounds:... READ MORE

Sugar - do we need it? Sugar - do we need it?


Yes, but not that from the sugar bowl. The body is enough with natural sugar. Other sweets may safely be called "white death". Until the eighteenth century in Europe sugar... READ MORE

Food which  improve memory and concentration Food which improve memory and concentration


Weighing only 1400 grams - which equals 2% of the total body weight - the brain consumes 20% of supplied to our body and 20% of the oxygen we breathe. Our brain has an... READ MORE

What is overweight and obesity, causes and consequences What is overweight and obesity, causes and consequences


Overweight determine excess of body fat, running out of adopted norms and leading in effect to body weight increase, while obesity is pathological accumulation of body fat... READ MORE

Genetic obesity in children Genetic obesity in children


They?re just 11 and weight 100 kilograms. It?s about kids, who took a part in studies of british scientists from University of Cambridge and Wellcome Trust Sanger... READ MORE

Cellulite - lipodystrophy Cellulite - lipodystrophy


The term cellulite is commonly called "orange peel syndrome" is well known to every woman. This problem affects over 80% of women. It is a systemic disease of the skin and... READ MORE

Coffee and its impact on health Coffee and its impact on health


The name coffee is derived from the Arabic word "kahwa" or Turkish "kakve" - Arabs knew coffee from the Middle Ages, and it came to Europe in 1644 and since then it... READ MORE

Eggs - calories, nutritional values and interesting facts Eggs - calories, nutritional values and interesting facts


Since ages, eggs were considered as healthy and nutritious, until in the seventies when the war has been spoken to cholesterol, which occurs in considerable concentration... READ MORE

Beer - history, production, types, nutritional values, interesting facts Beer - history, production, types, nutritional values, interesting facts


Beer is a kind of alcohol beverage, obtained in the fermentation of alcohol malt, water, selected strains of brewer?s yeast, with addition of hops and and other flavour... READ MORE

Honey - types and properties Honey - types and properties


Honey is one of the most valuable nutrients, which nature provides us. Antibacterial properties of honey and immunizations are known for a long time - added to drinks and... READ MORE

How to start losing weight - fundamental tips How to start losing weight - fundamental tips


The main factor determining the weight loss is to identify our energy demand and to do physical activity a lot. The important facts also includes a healthy diet, taking... READ MORE

Types of skin Types of skin


Until recently the skin types were divided into normal, dry and oily. However, changes in consumer awareness, development of cosmetics product technology, and environmental... READ MORE

Lettuce - calories, nutritional values and interesting facts Lettuce - calories, nutritional values and interesting facts


Lettuce owes its color to chlorophyll, which has bactericidal activity, accelerates healing, protects against germs and helps to overcome infection. It should be also added... READ MORE

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