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BMI calculator for children and youth

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   The calculation of body mass index by using a BMI calculator for children and youth is the same as in the case of adults, however, the interpretation of results is more complicated. BMI is calculated as standard with a simple formula, it is defined as the weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in meters.

   The composition of body weight, height and age of girls and boys is constantly changing, so relying on the formula for calculating BMI for adults, we can get very accurate results, which is why scientists have developed specific indicators for children and youth by gender - percentiles, they apply to people aged 2-20 years.

   For children, teens and youth BMI age and gender-specific percentiles are used for two reasons: the amount of body fat changes with age, the amount of body fat differs between girls and boys. Because of these factors, the interpretation of BMI is both age- and gender-specific for children and youth. The BMI-for-age growth charts take into account these differences and allow translation of a BMI number into a percentile for a child?s gender and age. For adults, on the other hand, BMI is interpreted through categories that are not dependent on gender or age.
A percentile of 50% represents the average or mean weight. A value below 50 percent means a child weighs less than the average. A value greater than 50 percent means a child is above average. This does not mean your child is overweight or underweight.

Interpretation of the results

Weight category Value
Underweight < 5 percentiles
Slim 5 ÷ < 25 percentiles
Normal weight 25 ÷ < 85 percentiles
Overweight 85 ÷ < 95 percentiles
Obese ? 95 percentiles

Percentile charts dla girls and boys

   To use the BMI calculator for children and youth select gender and age, provide growth and weight, and the calculator will show percentiles and BMI. If you want to specify the importance of the decimal, use dots eg. 8.5.

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