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Genetic obesity in children

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Genetic obesity in children

   They?re just 11 and weight 100 kilograms. It?s about kids, who took a part in studies of british scientists from University of Cambridge and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. The task of their studies was the knowledge about genetic obese reasons. The effect was founding a real gold mine when it comes to the source of information regarding that topic. Or at least it was so called by Eric Ravussin, american expert for obesity, who didn?t participate in studies. British scientists stated that the lack of 9 genes on chromosome 16th is related with a morbid weight excess in children. ?Nature? reported about their discovery.

Strong urge to eat

   The most guilty was the SH2B1 gene. Its presence is essential for our brain to react on leptine ? the satiety hormone, Dr. Sadaf Farooqi head of research, explains. Leptine suggests the brain, when to stop eating, because the stomach is already full. In other words it participates in making the feeling that the human is already fed. In persons with the deficiencies on 16th chromosome the mechanism is often disordered. Result? ? Children with deficiencies has got an extremely strong urge to eat ? Dr. Farooqui says ? They are extremely hungry and want to eat all the time. Scientist came on that conclusion on the basis of DNA comparative analysis of children with proper weight and 300 of little fat man. She was focused on every irregularities, containing lack as well as additional copies of genome parts. Some of the little research participants were so obese, that they were under welfare care. Of concern of their health they were took from their parents, against whom there was a suspicion that they overfeed their children. Presence of genetic defect on 16th chromosome was confirmed only in 1% among the 1200 of obese children. Although the research was positively accepted by scientific environment. Identifying significant part of DNA gives us new possibilities of exploration and at the same time searching of genetic mechanisms responsible for tendency to gain weight ? Eric Ravussin comments.

Parents acquitted

   According to World Health Organization estimates the problem of overweight concerns at least 20 millions of children below 5 years old. This figure can be even bigger. WHO data are from 2005, while the obesity epidemic is growing on year-to-year basis. In case of children its results might be particularly painful. Obese kids during their childhood are exposed for serious diseases develop, reserved until now only for adults, that is 2 type diabetes or hypertension. When it comes to british studies, finally even scientists were surprised. Four of the participating children were placed back to their parents. It should suppress the prosecution that parents are guilty of their children obesity, says Dr. Ian Cambell from Weight Concern organization, as it is seen it is not so obvious.

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