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Low cholesterol diet

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Low cholesterol diet

   This diet is dedicated to people with high concentration of cholesterol and triglycerides (tryglicerydes), and also for people burdened with the hazard of suffering from heart ischemia, infarct, arteriosclerosis, brain stroke. To "get released" from "harmful" cholesterol one should also remember the following matters: physical exertion which "melts" cholesterol best, avoidance of active and passive smoking, avoidance of sun excess and avoidance of stress.

Products recommended in low cholesterol diet:

?    whole-wheat bakery products,
?    kefir, buttermilk, natural yogurt,
?    skim cottage cheese,
?    red wine from wild rose (brier),
?    sea fish: mackerel, cod, herring, salmon, sprat, sardine (all not fried),
?    cold-pressed olive oil, cold-pressed rape oil,
?    carrot, garlic, onion, beet, cauliflower, tomato, pumpkin, spinach, cucurbit, broccoli, green pea, green bean, chicory, lettuce, potato, cabbage,
?    apple, lemon, grapes, strawberries, watermelon, apricot, kiwi, peach, orange, raspberries, currants,
?    fruit and vegetable soups without fat,
?    green tea,
?    brown rice and coarse groats,
?    natural (riced) fruit and vegetable juices, fruit drinks.

Products allowed in low cholesterol diet:

?    low-fat milk,
?    sea food,
?    bitter chocolate,
?    walnuts and hazelnuts,
?    white bakery products,
?    soybean oil, sunflower oil, plant butter,
?    sugar,
?    compotes, jelly-type desserts made with potato starch, moussy, jellies, desserts made of milk, sugar and starch,
?    eggless pasta,
?    lean meat: veal, beef, chicken, turkey, in form of: stewed, boiled, roast in foil, parchment, fricassee.

Products forbidden in low cholesterol diet:

?    full fat milk,
?    fat cottage cheese, cheese, melted cheese,
?    egg yolk,
?    haslets,
?    margarine,
?    goose, duck,
?    freshwater fish,
?    fat meat,
?    cream,
?    tallow, lard, bacon,
?    instant soups,
?    fast food,
?    french fries, potato pancakes,
?    sweet chocolate, sweets, pastries, candies,
?    alcohol, cocoa,
?    egg pasta,
?    color carbonated drinks
?    mayonnaise,
?    donuts, pastries prepared on fat.

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