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Solarium (tanning beds) and its effects on health

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Solarium (tanning beds) and its effects on health

   Who doesn't like beautiful tanned skin, which makes us think of summer and the holidays? Today, to have a tan we do not have to wait until the summer. Just go to the solarium and use tanning bed. In recent years, tanning has become so fashionable that even the sun has gained dependence on special term - a tanning addiction, or compulsive sunbathing. Hard to believe that we can be unhappy or feel unattractive only because in our opinion we are too pale. People addicted to tanning are not necessarily aware of it. They will stubbornly defend their position by claiming that tanning and use to this to improve your mood and appearance. Do not know how do they hurt their health and skin.

What is solarium and how it works ?

   Solarium is light chamber used for indoor cosmetic tanning. They are also known as sun beds, sun lamps and tanning lamps. The chambers are enclosed areas, with high intensity lights, in which an individual can stand or lie for a period of time to induce a tanning effect similar to that produced by exposure to sunlight.

   In solariums there are UV lamps, UVA only once but more often we meet also with UVB. UVA rays (range between 320-400 nm) reaching the dermis, ready to accelerate the oxidation of melanin precursors, which give an instant tan with greyish tint. UVB (290-320 nm) penetrates the skin and because it stimulates specific enzymes for the full cycle of melanin gives tan delayed. Melanin is our natural protection against harmful UV rays. Our tan is created only several hours after exposure to the sun and its color is very different from that resulting in the solarium.

Cancer risk and skin damage

   It has been proven that UVA and UVB rays penetrate deeply into the skin and can cause changes in the DNA of cancer (melanoma), destruction of collagen fibers, skin burns. Free radicals generated under the influence of harmful UV rays can cause skin damage so-called: photoaging. It is revealed thickening of the deep lines and wrinkles, a decrease of elasticity, roughness of the skin, pigmentation, discoloration. This is particularly the decolletage, face and neck, these are exposed to constant sunlight.

   In the U.S., it was found that the cause of 90% of cancer is excessive sunbathing. Melanoma has become the most common cancer here in people aged 25-30 years. People using tanning beds are 2.5 times more prone to squamous cell carcinoma. In the UK each year are recorded 7000 cases of skin cancer, including 1.7 thousand which ends deadly.

Reduce your risk

   Despite this, people visiting or using solarium, sunbathing on the beach without proper protection is more and more. If so we like to sunbathe do not forget about adequacy. The use of sunblock will help us protect our body and health. They reduce the risk of erythema, burns.

   Do sunscreens really protect us from skin cancer? Some studies show that, yes, but this issue is not fully understood. Known is that certainly not harm.

   We need to use sunblock and natural inhibitors of free radicals (e.g. vitamin E, C, provitamin A, flavonoids, sulfur compounds, peptides). Tocopherols (Vitamin E) protects the lipids of the intercellular cement, so that prevent after sunbathing dry skin, protect the phospholipids of cell membranes, resulting in less irritation. Please also note that one-time application of protective cream is not enough, salt water, sweat and sand may wash or wipe off protection.

   The higher the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) the better the protection. You should always choose it for your skin type and complexion, not to mention the protection of the eye, mouth and ears.

Are there any benefits ?

   Knowledge about the harmful effects of sunlight is very broad and comprehensive. Therefore it is surprising that so many people use the solarium causing not reversible damage to the body.

   They maintain that after exposure to the sun they score better mood, and do not discourage their overwhelming statistics. Just go to the beach but one of the warmer countries, where the sun shines more often and harder to see sometimes really young women, whose skin is destroyed because of inappropriate and excessive exposure to sun.

   Thanks to the protection and reasonable use of the sun or tanning bed we do not have to completely give up the sun. There are also positive aspects of UV radiation. The synthesis of vitamin D, stimulating the secretion of endorphins (the so-called: hormone of happiness) and via the PUVA some dermatological diseases can be treated with.

   Remember that with the reasonable usage of the sun and tanning bed, tanning would be happy and did not leave us a souvenir in the form of discoloration, burns or wrinkles.

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